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CWP Braided Tote

Braided Tote- Black w/Brown Trim

Faux leather Tote Bag with braided carry handles with a large pocket with magnetic snap-button closure on the front and the primary CCW compartment is located on the back side of the purse with a single zipper on top for easy access to the holster.

Magnetic snap-button in the center reveals three center compartments. The middle zippered compartment features a loop fastener patch for a holster with hook fasteners and a zippered pocket.

Includes a universal holster that will fit most full/ compact/ sub-compacts with hook fastener patch on both sides of the holster for left or right handed use.

Interior compartment lined with PVC material.

Dimensions: 11.0"H X11.5"W X 5.25"D

Weight: 31.0 oz.

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